Very friendly. Genuinely seemed to care about quality.

Mark S. | Lake Oswego, OR
February 8, 2019

I was surprised there was no invoice or paperwork upon completion, especially because the initial proposal was so formal- doesn’t matter though. A few chunks of debris were painted into the floor.
Thanks, great job, I love it!

Steve H. | Portland, OR
December 26, 2018

Deliverd on what they promised. Quality of work was fantastic. I would use them again in a heatbeat.

Gavin W. | Portland, OR
November 13, 2018

They were able to do everything they were asked to do in the time we needed it done, which was not very much time considering the restrictions we had.

Esteban A. | Portland, OR
November 2, 2018

I made my comments in writing & included them with my payment.

Cinda P. | Portland, OR
October 28, 2018

My experience was so good. Very polite and on-time. They are good. Brad is nice and easy to work with.

Leo M. | Portland, OR
October 3, 2018

The crew was awesome; I think they did a really good job. I would hire them back in a heartbeat.

Tod C. | W Portland, OR
September 14, 2018

Jose and his family did a great job, and we enjoyed having them around. They took care with the details and made sure that we were 100% satisfied before they called the job DONE. We love the fresh look.

Marcia or Ray J. | Portland, OR
September 1, 2018

They did very well in most or all areas.

Rose N. | Portland, OR
August 17, 2018

The painter(s) themselves were great. The work was done well, with good attention to detail, and with respect toward our property. But the planning/scheduling of the work could stand some improvement. We were told that we were "on the schedule", and that it would be "a few weeks out". And then all of a sudden we get a call saying "We're starting tomorrow!" More advance notice would have been appreciated.

Also tried to ascertain what the overall project timing would look like, and when we would need to be around the house to support whatever needed to get done. We were told "you don't need to be there; just check on things each day". Totally false. We had to be there to open doors that were getting painted, and we had to be there to answer questions, and we had to be there for a few other things. Fortunately, we were able at the last minute to rearrange our work schedules to be able to be there for the work, but it was irritating to not have those needs accounted for.

Susan S. | Lake Oswego, OR
July 25, 2018